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  • Meet the Press (NBC) has a new iPhone app – free: #
  • RT @rod_benson: RT @MacYourselfhome: Check this out. Classic Keating. With a bit of 80's style Maxine McKew thrown in: #
  • Well, 90s style actually… #
  • Abbott on Joyce: "I want him to be right around Australia; I don't want him chained to a desk." #
  • Abbott's announcement of shadow ministerial arrangements: and his press conference: #
  • Not Abbott again… RT @KJBar: We will have a blast from the past on #lateline tomorrow night.. can't say any more at the moment.. #
  • @jillianblackall They need to elect that position, probably in May just before Parliament resumes. Word is Abetz with Brandis as deputy. in reply to jillianblackall #
  • Didn't John Howard just appoint a Senate leader once or I am hallucinating again? #
  • @smurray38 If words are to have any meaning, surely "blast from the past" needs at least a 30-year cut-off point? in reply to smurray38 #
  • Myths About Health Care Reform Remain: Brendan Nyhan looks at the plague of misinformation that bedevils public policy #
  • A positive use of online social networks for the chronically ill and then there's "flash mobs": #
  • The Great Firewall of China: – Tony Auth cartoon. #
  • Abetz admits Turnbull fed him leaks from Godwin Grech: – "a well-established pattern for managing material from Grech". #
  • Independent MP offered South Australian Speaker's job as Rann aims to boost his floor majority: #
  • @smurray38 Fraser Memoirs, p283: Officially, Fraser did not know the identity of the leaker – 'Phillip kept it all very close to his chest' in reply to smurray38 #
  • @smurray38 On the day Turnbull is denied a shadow ministry, Abetz stabs him again… I wouldn't trust this putative Senate leader! in reply to smurray38 #
  • @smurray38 They will be a particularly ponderous and pompous duo. in reply to smurray38 #
  • Jan Wilson, Victorian Labor politician (1939-2010): #

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