My Latest Twitter Updates

  • RT @DanielleCronin: AMA dinner: PM reckons he writes like a doctor, has charisma of dentist & speeches deliver same service as anaesthetist. #
  • The mother of all policy blunders? – Alan Kohler says there is no-one sensible in the coalition's leadership group… #
  • @downesy The curs are where they've always been: in the Senate. in reply to downesy #
  • Q: "Do you agree with Maurice Newman?" Ferguson: "Let the debate on climate change go on. I'm interested in alternative energy." #Lateline #
  • You know how awkward it is to have a political argument with a naked man? #
  • Where the Hound was written… RT @aptronym: Conan Doyle fans want author's home in Surrey preserved. [via @Colvinius] #
  • Catching up with Lindsay Tanner's interview on #7.30Report – "the reality is" some bizarre propositions from O'Brien. #

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