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  • #qt Abbott lauds Phillip Ruddock: At 36 years, 5 months, the third longest-serving member of the House of Representatives. #
  • #qt "This is not a valedictory," says Ruddock. Quotes his 3yo daughter saying her father "sorts papers" for a living. #
  • #qt Abbott asks Rudd about his parental leave policy. "I presume this is the policy the Shadow Treasurer wasn't consulted about," says Rudd. #
  • #qt No-one quite knows whether this policy has been to the shadow cabinet, says Tanner, smelling tensions on the other side. #
  • #qt We haven't had a single question on health, observes Rudd, as Bishop asks another question on maternity leave. #
  • RT @Pollytics: Essential Report comes in 54/46 – up 1 for Labor. #
  • @zombiemao and the other 25% are studying the Maths curriculum… in reply to zombiemao #
  • Look into the face of George Papandreou, America, and see your future: #
  • Wide Web of diversions gets laptops evicted from lecture halls: – but is it already too late? #
  • Eric Massa as conservative media hero: – toxic drivel on so many levels. #
  • Sales has caught the Jones disease – continual interruptions and dismissive asides. #Lateline #
  • @markboxsell Assertive is ok but it's the self-important presumption of how a debate should proceed that bugs me. Try in reply to markboxsell #
  • @markboxsell I saw Emerson & Brandis and I think they should just be given their own show without a moderator! in reply to markboxsell #

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