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  • Neal loses 98-67. As Basil Fawlty would say, now for the tricky bit. #
  • @rodd This stiff has been paraded out of the building on a pike for all to see… in reply to rodd #
  • The most disturbing aspect of the Robertson pre-selection decision is that the ALP can muster only 169 members in its most marginal seat. #
  • @theburgerman The term originates from The Blue Riband, a prize for ships crossing the Atlantic. It's been bastardised to "ribbon". I think! in reply to theburgerman #
  • @danupoyner Sounds like it's your pet possum at work. Exterminate! in reply to danupoyner #
  • @Rubbachook Well, people complain about the quality of MPs/candidates. Membership is one way to change that. in reply to Rubbachook #
  • Statement from Belinda Neal: #
  • This is why we need Gillard Grammar School on the job. – Any questions, see myself. #
  • @RicRaftis Already on Dropbox – endorse your endorsement. They also have an iPhone app which is very handy. #
  • "Rationalist" @rational has a picture of Richard Nixon in his/her profile. Bold… #
  • @smurray38 Nah, that's the @GodwinGrech avatar… in reply to smurray38 #
  • Malthouse Theatre sent emails tonight cancelling performances of Mortal Engine and Furious Mattress due to flash flooding. Not on Twitter? #
  • The system works, Obama's approach doesn't: – Stanley Kutler says Obama's "accommodating ways have only weakened him". #
  • @emilybwebb Many years ago an Examiners' Report I saw referred to the "bizarre use of the apostrophe". Still apt. in reply to emilybwebb #
  • Building a Better Teacher: – outstanding piece from the NYT on improving classroom technique. #
  • @s_dog Good grief! I've checked the video and it's not a transcription error. We all mis-speak but this is a tad embarrassing. in reply to s_dog #

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