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  • The Wal-Mart Hippies: – David Brooks sees similarities between the 1960s Left and the Tea-Partiers. #
  • Senator Bunning's Universe: – whereas Krugman says the Dems & GOP live in different intellectual and moral universes. #
  • @zombiemao Very droll.. in reply to zombiemao #
  • So @BronwynBishopMP is a fake? I wonder how many fake MPs on Twitter are known to us by other names? Some make well-timed appearances… #
  • @zombiemao "They might not of meant it"?? Off to Gillard Grammar re-education camp for you to study verbs and prepositions…! in reply to zombiemao #
  • @zombiemao Sorry about that… old habits die hard… in reply to zombiemao #
  • @zombiemao Yeah, like, whatever… in reply to zombiemao #
  • Do I detect a touch of Dick Morris triangulation in Mr. Rudd? #
  • The right remedy? – Shaun Carney's experience of Victorian hospitals convinced him of the need for far-reaching reform. #
  • Q: Why didn't the dingoes take Tony Abbott when he was lost in the desert? A: Professional courtesy. – Mike Carlton #
  • Labor hopes for political tsunami of health support: – Peter Hartcher on health reform obstacles & the war that looms. #
  • Abbott's credibility gap: – George Megalogenis on the "gut call by partisans that their guy won't or shouldn't win". #

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