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  • Recommend reading David Broder on Palin's "pitch-perfect populism" and then this rejoinder #
  • Altona by-election results from VEC: and Antony Green (shows swings): #
  • Altona: Labor retains one of its safest seats with 57.9% of the two-party-preferred vote, a swing of 12.3%. #
  • Altona: ALP primary vote down 13.1% to 47.5% – Libs primary up 11.1% to 34.9% – Greens primary up 2.0% to 10.4%. #
  • Altona: Voter turnout 84.1%, down 9.6% from the 2006 general election. #
  • RT @empatt: and this from 1993 covers the transition to managed theatre – David Gergen, Master of THE GAME: #
  • The Tea Party Queen: – you wouldn't know it from the media coverage but Palin is taken less seriously than ever. #
  • @smurray38 Especially if Dick had been caught fornicating with a campaign aide? in reply to smurray38 #
  • @Tzarimas You could always adopt the Ronald Reagan solution: "this is the 27th anniversary of my 39th birthday"… in reply to Tzarimas #
  • Earlier today, I couldn't resist this bookseller's editorialising about The Costello Memoirs: #
  • Why Orwell Endures: – Geoffrey Wheatcroft on the secular martyrdom of a distinctive radical. #
  • @Colvinius You made me laugh out loud with that one! in reply to Colvinius #
  • It's Feb 14th, the 44th anniversary of the introduction of decimal currency in Aust. Remember this Ian Turpie song? #

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