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  • Send Barnaby Joyce to Greece – they need him more than we do: #
  • Today's Quiz Question: Who IS the face of modern Liberalism? #
  • The Member for Sturt will resume her seat… #
  • @SSpencer_10 One of my greatest regrets is that I stood in a newsagency in 1987 and read that edition of Truth but didn't buy it. Fool! in reply to SSpencer_10 #
  • – I want to live in Hobart. #
  • RT @latikambourke: Big turnout for Niki Savva's book launch. #
  • RT @latikambourke: Oakes gives Lisa Chikarovski (Hockey's press sec) a mention launching So Greek. Says Savva never tried to assassinate him #
  • RT @latikambourke: Lisa Chikarovski totalled her car crashing into Oakes on Monday night. Same night Laurie used footage of Joe in a tutu… #
  • RT @latikambourke: … says he'll never say a mean word about Joe again. #
  • RT @latikambourke: Savva's parents offered her $500 to stay a virgin until married. Laurie O. ponders a possible Abbott 'Virginity Bonus.' #
  • @jillianblackall Agreed, he should be. It's certainly not Wilson Tuckey or Bronwyn Bishop, the subjects of the quips in Question Time today. in reply to jillianblackall #
  • "An esoteric discussion about what the 'middle' of the year is"… Sherry and Joyce tussle over the release of the Henry Review. #
  • "How many pages are there in the Henry Tax Review?" Joyce asks. "Less than a thousand," says a harassed official. #
  • Paraphrasing Sen Sherry to Joyce at the Economic Committee hearing: "Have you no sense of decency, sir?" #
  • "It's a deep question, Senator," says David Parker (Executive Director of The Treasury). "The short answer is no." #

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