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  • Gordon Brown ponders April election as Labour narrows poll gap: – a hung Parliament on current polling 39-30-20. #
  • Thatcher and Carter: the not-so special relationship – newly released documents from 1979. #
  • The Margaret Thatcher Foundation contains new documents from 1979, including relations with BBC: #
  • Okay, it took a while but I've found Channel 10. Is Joe Hockey the Biggest Loser? #
  • And Joe misses out on the leadership again… #
  • RT @arisharp: Abbott on his climate-change-is-crap line. "What I actually said was that the so-called settled science was a little aromatic" #
  • But.. but.. this thing goes for a whole hour.. I was hoping for a 10-minute guest appearance from the Shadow Treasurer.. I can't cope.. #
  • @bryanhogan There is only one word: in reply to bryanhogan #
  • An honest answer from Joe Hockey…"This is better than Question Time, isn't it?" Joe: "No." #
  • "I can't believe I'm doing this" – Joe Hockey #
  • At least Hockey is looking embarrassed… and I can't believe I'm watching this… to coin a phrase, it's absolute crap… #
  • Inside The Firestorm: – on now. Watch it. You'll never see a documentary like this on the commercial channels. #
  • Inside The Firestorm: – simply stunning television. #

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