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  • "That dirty little bastard McMahon" – Hasluck – #
  • Best to let teachers wander once more: – an unpopular view and one subject to much misinterpretation but still right. #
  • Brumby's point to prove: – a good assessment of the state of play in Victoria from Paul Strangio. #
  • So it's Lady Hasluck's fault! #
  • Graeme Blundell on the failure of commercial free-to-airTV to innovate on the digital platform: #
  • Reading Blundell's review of the year's TV alerted me to my almost total disengagement from what is currently "popular" #
  • Just arrived home and aside from the Edinburgh Military Tattoo on the ABC, there's nothing on… Blankety Blanks repeats perhaps? #
  • But congratulations are due to UK-TV for the two superb dramatisations of the life of Margaret Thatcher over the past week. Sharp and funny. #
  • Kevin Rudd writes book for children: – "Jasper And Abby And The Great Australia Day Kerfuffle". Wait for the jokes… #
  • @smurray38 I hope his book is being printed at that factory in Bendigo. in reply to smurray38 #
  • The Year-End Quiz: – Gail Collins (NYT) has an interactive current affairs quiz. I only got 7/11… #
  • @smurray38 The name of the Fraser book seems to have changed: #
  • @smurray38 Perhaps Fraser objected to being associated with the word… in reply to smurray38 #
  • Very useful… RT @jennyluca: RT @willrich45: Readability is starting my 2010 browsing life off right. #
  • Note John Thune, possible future president – RT @politico: 25 U.S. politicians to watch in 2010 #

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