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  • Oops… now that I have the phone settings correct, I'll stop accidentally posting pointless photos… #
  • A cautionary tale.. RT @jayrosen_nyu: Political journalists are behaviorists but don't know they're behaviorists: #
  • @MarkCroxford This is why I took it yesterday – follow each link in reply to MarkCroxford #
  • And virginity is a "gift"..RT @sharrynjackson: Abbott: sourcing policy from CWA yearbook circa 1951 (RT@samanthamaiden) #
  • Looks like I will have to buy the Women's Weekly on Wednesday… what is Sandra in the newsagency going to think of me now? #
  • But I already use THAT excuse… RT @JanetteHowardPM: @mfarnsworth Just tell her you buy it for the articles. #
  • RT @howespaul: I expect Fielding to..insert himself into Abbott's anti-sex crusade by opposing sex altogether: pre-marriage, during & after #
  • Caveat emptor… RT @crazyjane13: If 'virginity' is a gift, where can I return mine for warranty service? #
  • NSW Redistribution report and new maps are now available on the Australian Electoral Commission website: #
  • Ray Martin & Ron Barassi want to junk our colonial flag (Ch 9 news) but Rudd, Gillard & Brumby defend it. Pathetic pandering. #
  • Professor Patrick McGorry – Australian of the Year… #
  • Patrick McGorry: international researcher, clinician, youth mental health reform advocate, Executive Director Origin Youth Health. #
  • McGorry's profile on the University of Melbourne's "Find an Expert" site: #
  • Orygen Youth Health: – "Australia's largest youth-focused mental health organisation" – Patrick McGorry is Exec Dir. #
  • @Chrisquirk ask @theburgerman in reply to Chrisquirk #
  • Yes, superb. RT @earleyedition: RT @Taezar #Trove. If you haven't heard if it, your tax dollars paid for it – use it! #
  • Meanwhile, pressing issues in Dickson… RT @peter_dutton: Is ch 7 serious delaying the tennis for HOME AND AWAY? Give me a break. #
  • RT @mfullilove: Attention, political-history junkies. Take the virtual tour of 10 Downing Street: #

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