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  • A less hysterical, and more historical, view of the US Democrats' ability to pass legislation post Massachusetts: #
  • Two new members in the ACT? #
  • Peter Brent thinks there may be 2 changes of govt at this year's elections: Tas & most likely SA, with Vic possible. #
  • The ABC's 24/7 News Promo Reel doesn't really tell us much: – nor does the media release: #
  • Margaret Simons overhears ABC staff "confidently" referring to the forthcoming 24/7 news channel as "ABC 4" #
  • @MarkCroxford You're in a particularly paranoid mood today! #
  • Interesting comment from "Pete From Sydney" on Eric Beecher's Crikey piece on NYT paywall: #
  • @MarkCroxford I would die under those conditions. Tomorrow is our mid-30s day down here. in reply to MarkCroxford #
  • @MarkCroxford Think cool thoughts – eg John Howard in charge of ABC4… in reply to MarkCroxford #
  • Mark Scott on PM says Sky News is a news provider and packager. Only the ABC has a team of journalists. Cheeky! #
  • @arisharp You sure you're not at Parliament House? in reply to arisharp #
  • RT @smurray38: George Orwell died 60 years ago today Cover of "Animal Farm" bought in Prague #
  • RT @hughriminton: The rush for Bob McMullan's cushy Canberra seat – watch out for ex-diplomat and security maven Dr Carl Ungerer.. #
  • And I just read the relevant chapter of Game Change .. RT @Slate: John Edwards admits paternity of Rielle Hunter's child, on the Today show. #
  • Energy and Stealth of GOP Groups Undid a Sure Bet: – how the Democrats lost Ted Kennedy's Senate seat. (NYT) #
  • Add your own verb to this New York Times headline: #

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