My Latest Twitter Updates

  • Kosky's email to Caucus ends with wishes for a "successful outcome" this year. Never heard an election win called this. Don Watson anyone? #
  • No doubt she now wants to spend time with her family going forward… #
  • Please explain? … RT @arisharp: Barnaby's outdone himself this time… #
  • Cut This Story! – sounds to me like a justification for low quality writing… #
  • RT @MarkCroxford: Check out Barnaby Joyce's latest offering to political debate It's a priceless parable. #
  • That's done it. So many "commentators" back on deck today. Drivel from Joyce. So many words, so little to say. I won't last till December. #
  • Altona by-election in Victoria said to be set for February 13. #
  • First Newspoll for 2010 has ALP leading Coalition 54-46, down 2 points. #
  • Prime Minister's approval rating has dropped from 60% to 57%. #
  • RT @ABCElections: Latest Newspoll ALP 54% Coalition 46%. ABC election calculator predicts ALP 97 seats, Coalition 50 – #
  • Internet Politics From Both Sides Now: – Ross Douthat says conservatives have caught up with internet campaigning. #
  • @latikambourke Race of a Lifetime is available here for $32.95 – I bought my copy from Readings in reply to latikambourke #

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