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  • China's lobbying efforts yield new influence, openness on Capitol Hill: – the inexorable march continues. #
  • The presumption of innocence: #
  • No need to follow both @smh_news and Sky @BusinessChannel now that they're posting identical tweets… #
  • A Fox Chief at the Pinnacle of Media and Politics: – good piece on Roger Ailes, Nixonian in more ways than one. #
  • I cannot believe I have been sitting in my car by the Yarra river talking on the phone for 2 hours. And it's hot. #
  • Saint Elizabeth and the Ego Monster: – extracts on Mr & Mrs Edwards from "Game Change", new book on 2008 US campaign. #
  • It's a good read…! #
  • Who's Sleeping Now? – Thomas Friedman on China's Green Leap Forward and the strategic inflection point facing the US. #
  • Whoops… fingers slipping everywhere… but someone needs to show that Friedman article to Rudd and Abbott pronto. #
  • Turning the Situation Room into a Seminar Room: – Maureen Dowd on Obama and the limits of Cool. #
  • Government Is in Peril as Scandal Rocks Ulster: – John Burns (NYT) explains the significance of this Irish sex scandal #
  • I know I'm obsessing somewhat over my new toy but I'm amazed that the ABC is the only news outlet in Aust to have produced an iPhone app. #
  • Correction: I'm not really amazed at all… But I've surprised myself with how easily I've taken to mobile consumption of news. #
  • For the first time in my life I can almost live without consuming a Fairfax product at all. That's a bit sad for a newspaper junkie but… #
  • @venessapaech The other media groups have a mobile edition viewable in the web browser but these are nowhere near as convenient on a phone. in reply to venessapaech #
  • Despite the musings of some nervous nellies, Ted Kennedy's seat looks safe for the Democrats: #
  • Walking into the propellers of the federal government: – good piece from Dan Balz on campaigning and trying to govern. #
  • What Makes a Great Teacher? | the Atlantic | Perseverance and grit – I like that. (via @ComplexNumber) #

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