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  • My (Australian political) books of the year: – Graeme Dobell has a good review of journalists' books from 2009. #
  • Barnaby Joyce or Bill Heffernan? Back the Heff on this one. #
  • He has certainly been in the thick of it…RT @danupoyner: Pamela Connolly's interview with Chris Langham – ABC2 9.30pm #
  • @danupoyner Well, it's all your fault… that tutorial you gave me last year is what did it. in reply to danupoyner #
  • Photographs of the vessel cut in half today… RT @GreensMPs: Senator Brown farewells the Ady Gil #
  • RT @theburgerman: Sea Shepherd Captain Watson says Adi Gill put out May Day distress signal but Japanese vessel ignored it and 'took off'. #
  • Protest ship in collision with whaler vessel: #
  • RT @lyndons: Twitter is a "conversation tool" only for those who *choose* to use it that way: there are *many* other uses for Twitter. #
  • RT @lyndons: For many people, Twitter provides "news with personality" – they follow ppl whose "worldview" they like -but they rarely reply. #
  • RT @lyndons: Don't look down on ppl who choose not to converse: they follow to read, to get recommendations, to laugh, to 'lurk' & *listen* #
  • Wise words from @lyndons. I've lurked and listened over the past year. Currently in conversing mode. #
  • Back from late night walk accompanied by this excellent discussion of the life of William Gladstone: – 200 on 29th Dec. #
  • @Nana_Mex Coincidence: I deactivated my account yesterday! in reply to Nana_Mex #

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