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  • I am NOT old… #
  • The abandoned son of two genetically modified turnips… and other predictions: #
  • RT @NickHodge: "What is the difference between literature and journalism? Journalism is unreadable and literature is not read. " Oscar Wilde #
  • RT @AndrewBartlett: Aust households have record debt levels; more than USA for 1st time. Equivalent to Aust's GDP #
  • Natives are restless as temperatures rise: #
  • @tsvnq I figured I could make the strongest case against "old"… in reply to tsvnq #
  • The Thai Bart and the Irish Doyle: – The Herald-Sun takes an easy pot-shot but I voted yes in the poll anyway… #
  • Vocabulary and editing standards at The Australian… RT @australian: Century alludes Hussey in Boxing Day Test: #
  • Blackout in large area of Syndal/Glen Waverley.. fire engine racing up Blackburn Rd.. left friends stumbling around their home with candles. #
  • @6_minutes "clamored"… the American spelling to boot. in reply to 6_minutes #
  • The decade we didn't see coming: – Joel Achenbach essay on the 2000s. #
  • Whatever happened to secular democracy? – Ross Fitzgerald on the Christianisation of Australian politics. #
  • @linzc Ah… so is the Uniting Church a haven for non-believers, or have I been misled? in reply to linzc #

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