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  • Bradfied By-Election: How the Christian Democrat Nine went – Antony Green on the preferences donkey votes & informals. #
  • Superb theatre in "the toughest, grouchiest and in the end, most interesting of all democracies": #
  • RT @mfullilove: Adam Nagourney at the NYT says health debate shows Obama is an insider, not an outsider: #
  • RT @smurray38: RT @NYCAviation: CNN passenger: Heard pop like champagne cork, moments later saw flames shooting out of suspect's crotch. #
  • RT @SBSNews: Today marks the fifth anniversary of the tsunami that killed more than 220,000 people in Asia: #
  • The Father of Australia: – NSW Chief Justice Jim Spigelman on the 200th anniversary of Gov Lachlan Macquarie's appt. #
  • Spigelman's "Reappraisal of the Bigge Reports": (pdf) via @smurray38 #
  • @smurray38 Pondering which political figures would support LM today… in reply to smurray38 #
  • The most significant political event on Christmas Day was probably this: #
  • Memories of a Romanian Christmas: – pre-internet, pre-Foxtel, this was a Christmas when the @abcnews was invaluable. #
  • Oh no, I've just had my first exposure to THAT boat race… #
  • RT @mfullilove: Politico's top ten US politics tweets of 2009: #
  • And the top Australian political tweet of 2009 was this one: – wins for sheer gormlessness. @mfullilove #
  • The Obama Way: – Ross Douthat says 44 is "an ideologue and a pragmatist all at once". #
  • RT @ChatAboutObama: The Australian Government 2.0 Taskforce Teaches Us A Lesson #
  • @empatt Prodigious? in reply to empatt #
  • Saul Eslake predicts Sep 11 election; Phil Ruthven says November – oh, and Twitter is "more talked about than embraced" #

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