My Latest Twitter Updates

  • First Berlusconi, today the Pope: you're next Vanstone… #
  • The Sidney Awards: – David Brooks's annual awards to "long-form articles that have narrative drive & social impact". #
  • Tidings of Comfort: – Paul Krugman takes issue with the critics of the US health care reform legislation. #
  • Another less than enthusiastic review of Sherlock Holmes: – I detect a critical consensus emerging. #
  • @NicoleHaddow I'm doing film reviews and interesting things to read… just no pleasing some people… in reply to NicoleHaddow #
  • The IQ2 just cut out in the middle of my replay of the Queen's Christmas Message… and I depend on this for guidance every year… #
  • The video is not up yet but there is a very nice picture of Australia's next queen on the Monarchy website @RicRaftis #
  • Some of these have to be seen to be believed… RT @PeterBlackQUT: Slate's 2009 political holiday card slide show" #

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