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  • RT @JulieBishopMP: In rush to apportion blame for Copenhagen Mr Rudd as 'Friend of Chair' should explain his involvement in draft (cont) #
  • RT @JulieBishopMP: (cont) … text that triggered furore. #
  • Yes, it's pathetic… #
  • It looks like I backed a few winners in the Crikey Arsehat awards… so much for avoiding group-think. #
  • RT @mfullilove: Powerful op-ed in the Guardian blaming China for wrecking the Copenhagen summit: #
  • "I don't know where that sort of speculation came from" – Wayne Swan #
  • Grand old Byrd: #
  • I "really" want to read this but Salon returns a 404… RT @ComplexNumber: All I want for Christmas is quotation marks #
  • @G_Parker I've heard of "vote early and vote often" but "tip early"…? in reply to G_Parker #
  • It's been a lousy decade and the next one will likely be worse – – Ruth Marcus with seasonal cheer for the US. #
  • Now I've got it… "All I want for Christmas is quotation marks" – – via @ComplexNumber #

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