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  • Just realised it's better to set up Lists in Tweetdeck instead of Groups. Or has my simple mind missed something? #
  • RT @AndrewBartlett: Beneath the beauty, the most traumatised place in the world? – The Independent #
  • The Protocol Society – David Brooks says that economics once resembled physics but now resemles psychology. #
  • @MacYourselfhome An economist, a tarot reader and a meteorologist walk into a bar…. there's a joke in there somewhere. in reply to MacYourselfhome #
  • Nearly finished reading the collected columns of Alan Ramsey – highly recommended if you want to give yourself a Christmas present. #
  • The last panel is scary… RT @TheEconomist: New article: KAL's cartoon #economist #
  • Strange days, late nights on Capitol Hill – Christmas in the US Congress. #
  • @derekbarry I've never gotten over the disappointment of Richard Face failing to become NSW Premier… in reply to derekbarry #
  • @derekbarry The GOP has shamelessly abused the filibuster compared to the 1960s in reply to derekbarry #
  • Everything old is new again… RT @AusDemocrats: New Young Australian Democrats website now up #
  • US lobbyists on pace for record year – Politico estimates over $3.3 billion spent this year. If it didn't work… #
  • RT @smurray38: Plowing through Rudd's transcripts … We should hear more of Nick Bryant from the BBC here #
  • RT @mfullilove: Newsweek interview with British Tory leader David Cameron: He's certainly no climate change sceptic. #
  • More like a conductor than a soloist – Kissinger and Clinton on being Secretary of State (via @PeterBlackQUT) #
  • A British politics teacher argues private schools should be banned RT @timesonline #

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