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  • Political anniversary: Australia's 24th Prime Minister, Paul Keating, took office on December 20th, 1991 – 18 years ago. #
  • Political anniversary: Aust's 11th PM, Earle Page (served 20 days in April 1939), died on Dec 20, 1961 – 48 years ago. #
  • Page served 42 years as the Country Party member for Cowper. He died unaware that he had been defeated in the general election. #
  • It's reckless to be a sceptic on global warming – – Malcolm Turnbull writes for the The Times. #
  • It's been tweeted before but still worth a look if you haven't seen Frank Rich on why Tiger Woods exemplifies the times #
  • A new moon race? – Thomas Friedman's strategy for dealing with climate change. #
  • iPhone Therefore iArt – #
  • @JudeEkerick There's only the mad and the bad left… in reply to JudeEkerick #
  • Copenhagen and an ETS: Malcolm Turnbull's latest blog post – & see his article in The Times here: #
  • Hopefully, a bit of both… RT @JudeEkerick: Am I bad or mad? #
  • @JudeEkerick My love-hate relationship with Twitter operates in direct proportion to my madness… in reply to JudeEkerick #
  • @JudeEkerick Ah, now that's what they call a Catch 22. in reply to JudeEkerick #
  • @JudeEkerick Let's all close our accounts and leave the nutters to it! in reply to JudeEkerick #

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