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  • @smurray38 I have the list. I was there! in reply to smurray38 #
  • RT @smurray38: Take a look at the number of today's Lib frontbench who came up through conservative student politics in the 1970s. #
  • Arbib when asked what he found in politics that was unexpected: "The effect I can have on people's lives." #lateline #
  • RT @smurray38: I thought it notable that Abbott, Hockey, Minchin, Abetz were all political profs from uni onwards. #
  • RT @smurray38: And then your list of the 70s Shadow Ministry – hard to see any of them in student politics. #
  • @smurray38 My memory banks have kicked back to the AUS Annual Conference, Monash, Jan 1978: Costello, Kroger, Abbott, Abetz, Sherry, et al. in reply to smurray38 #
  • RT @smurray38: Adapt Beazley Snr's dictum, & instead of the cream of the middle class, the Libs have got the dregs of the professional class #
  • @JudeEkerick But he was only referring to the effect he can have on members of the NSW ALP Left…! in reply to JudeEkerick #
  • RT @JudeEkerick: So, any bets on when @TonyAbbottMHR will tweet next? It's been 9 days now and still only 2 tweets. #
  • @JudeEkerick When he does tweet, I bet it won't be anywhere near as interesting as @TurnbullMalcolm's next blog post… in reply to JudeEkerick #

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