My Latest Twitter Updates

  • Abbott: "She was loyal to Brendan and Malcolm and I know Julie will be just as loyal to me." And just as competent. #
  • A Great Big New Tax … a simple message from Abbott. #lateline #
  • Greg Hunt: "I love my portfolio, I'd love to serve in any role, I'm passionate about climate"-nationally televised job application #lateline #
  • Greg Hunt: "We want to pursue an incentives program, not a punitive one." An ETS IS an incentives program. #lateline #
  • These so-called small-l libs get done like a dinner & then parrot the new lines from the hardliners. It's pathetic. #lateline Poor Turnbull. #
  • @katedoak Yes, good idea – I always forget about Whirlpool. in reply to katedoak #
  • RT @thewetmale: Am I the only one that could see Greg Hunt and #pyne09 having a sleep over together? Or am i just a little drunk? #lateline #
  • Hunt: WorkChoices is a dead duck. Abbott: He's not dead, he's only resting. #lateline #
  • Very good! … RT @linzc: @mfarnsworth Pyne-ing for the fjords? #
  • @lmdallatorre Thanks, 300mb seems good for most. How many HDs did you get this semester? in reply to lmdallatorre #

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