My Latest Twitter Updates

  • Kevin Andrews has another 10 minutes in the spotlight on #730report… believes Turnbull is humbled by his experience. Hehehe. #
  • A new John Gorton? The desperation continues apace. #
  • "My biggest asset is that people believe I'm a fool," says Tuckey on #730report. #
  • "Is Turnbull gonna take us to the next election?" asks a constituent. "Not if I can help it," Tuckey responds. #730report #
  • Tuckey compares Turnbull to Hewson on #730report. The ultimate put-down. #
  • There are three types of politicians, the statesman, the fixer and the crazy – Wilson is a mixture of the last two, says Don Randall. #
  • I think he said "fixer", or was it "fixture"? #
  • @lyndons You're right about hashtag trends but we've also got a growing number of journalists & politicians engaging in one-way broadcasting in reply to lyndons #
  • @lyndons I've partly given it away because political comment on Twitter is dominated by gratuitous sledging. Sadly, I've been complicit. in reply to lyndons #
  • @MarkCroxford G'day Mark. Were you around the big house during the stoush? in reply to MarkCroxford #
  • Listening to Harry Evans, Clerk of the Senate on @612brisbane #
  • Dirty secret: I've been listening to Alan Jones podcasts on my nightly walks. Always return angry & paranoid. Try it: #
  • Thanks for the Memories: Maureen Dowd on cold showers with Obama and warm baths with Bill Clinton. #
  • Letterman – Things More Fun Than Reading the Sarah Palin Memoir: #34 Getting Decapitated. #

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