My Latest Twitter Updates

  • Overheard Lindsay Tanner talking to a constituent at the urinal at #mwf tonight. Some amusement at meeting his "member" in the gents… #
  • #mwf Constituent asked about chances of Turnbull surviving. Tanner said you never can tell what might happen – Howard unelectable in 1980s. #
  • #mwf Constituent said "the plebs seem to like Joe Hockey". Tanner responded: "Yeah, but he's about THIS deep". I imagined the hand gestures. #
  • #mwf Antony Beevor session (chaired by Finance Minister Tanner) was interesting. Good article here: #
  • #mwf Also saw David Kilcullen and Julian Burnside on whether the ends ever justifies the means. Think I'll avoid counter-insurgency work. #

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