My Latest Twitter Updates

  • Back from meeting with @DrJohann – Awebbering, PPCing, WordPressing, HTMLing. #
  • Ideologues fire up the debate – – Danielle Cronin looks at Tony Abbott and Peter Garrett. Ideologue and idealist? #
  • Reading about @Nana_Mex's birthday party – #
  • PM caught in China syndrome – – Michelle Grattan looks at the Stern Hu imbroglio. #
  • Hobson's Choice? RT @courtney_gibson: Lost&found Brit backpacker Jamie Neale on 60 Minutes Sunday night up against Masterchef Grand Final. #
  • Clock ticking for weakened leader – – Intriguing that Dennis Shanahan is so pessimistic about Turnbull surviving. #
  • Men of no known views – – I loved the first story in today's Strewth column. #
  • RT @markknoller: Returning to DC from NYC, Air Force One hit an air pocket. It felt like we dropped a few hundred feet in a couple of secs. #
  • RT @markknoller: Cookies were being served at the time of the turbulence, but happily, none were tossed. #
  • The Moon We Left Behind – – Charles Krauthammer: "We came. We saw. Then we retreated." #
  • Diary Of A Swine Flu Victim – – very amusing piece from New Matilda's Ben Pobjie. #
  • Labor riding high, but history's not on its side – – a good analysis of the Rudd government's electoral prospects (AAP) #
  • Old World – – Why isn't Obama appointing young judges to the circuit courts? Interesting piece from The New Republic. #
  • The First Hundred (Dog) Days – – Bo, the White House dog, looks at the first 100 days of his administration. #

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