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  • The Anagram Times – – I liked "Republican pundits open fire on Sarah Palin" #
  • A piece of history, the Watergate Hotel is up for sale next week – – and for more on Watergate: #
  • RT @derekbarry: just watched masterchef for the first time to check out all the fuss. What complete aus idol horseshit. Back to the news #
  • @derekbarry A voice of sense at last! I can proudly say I've never watched a second of it… in reply to derekbarry #
  • RT @markparton: Too much red wine for me….and perhaps too much bourbon as well….but at least it's Friday night hey? #
  • Kerry O'Brien leaves the newsroom for the lingerie counter – – going Commando! #
  • RT @todayspolitics: Meghan McCain: 'Joe the Plumber–you can quote me–is a dumbass.' #politics #
  • The brawler at the ringside – – John Warhurst looks at the possibility of Tony Abbott as Liberal Party leader. #
  • @geehall1 Stop complaining, they gave us Laurel and Hardy instead… in reply to geehall1 #
  • @geehall1 Nelson? in reply to geehall1 #
  • @lyndons But havenworks does have page rank 5… not to be sneezed at! in reply to lyndons #
  • Palin will keep Republicans in the wilderness – – good analysis from Daniel Finkelstein of what ails the Grand Old Party #
  • RT @lyndons: Looked up last version of Madoff's website in Web.Archive. It's black. How appropriate, in hindsight:) #
  • Blog standard approach brings PM to the people – – Ari Sharp has been reading Kevin Rudd's climate change blog. #

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