My Latest Twitter Updates

  • RT @danupoyner: I used to believe it was possible to advance an agenda without engaging in conflict. Now this seems naive. #
  • I think it was John Dewey who said "conflict is the gadfly of thought". It's also the means of change. @danupoyner #
  • And of course you should always judge people by the quality of their enemies… @danupoyner #
  • A better way to choose judges – – George Williams wants a UK-style judicial appointments commission. #
  • RT @lyndons: I promised myself, no more following fake identities, but have a read of @FakeSarahPalin – It's funny. #
  • Bravery decorations can be a hard cross to bear – – Paul Daley on the fate of Victoria Cross winners. #
  • @rod_benson I was just thinking that Kevin Rudd has developed a very nice set of enemies… it's very reassuring. in reply to rod_benson #
  • RT @PremierMikeRann: 25 years ago today David Lange elected Labour Prime Minister of NZ. Great campaign. His campaign launch speech a beauty #
  • Impressive! RT @lyndons: Just finished audiobook of Shelby Foote's 3-vol history of US Civil War (135 hours). About half-an-hour a night. #
  • Teaching @kirstenmcooper how to use Twitter on the website…for some reason her laptop won't download TweetDeck… #
  • @kirstenmcooper needs some people to talk to… I can vouch for her (sort of…) #
  • @kirstenmcooper RT @OkayStill: @mfarnsworth Tweetdeck is a pain. I gave up on it. Maybe it's just some laptops/systems (I've got Vista) #

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