My Latest Twitter Updates

  • This recession isn't looking as bad as we feared – – interesting assessment of the economic outlook from Ross Gittins. #
  • The stark truth of foreign prisons – – Steven Freeland on Stern Hu, international law & our treatment of asylum seekers. #
  • Robert Vaughn is narrating the 4 Corners program on Bernie Madoff on @ABC1. The star of Hustle is now the Man from Auntie! #
  • RT @thewetmale: No Newspoll yet on the website of the Australian. Will @LEIGHSALES have the numbers on #lateline? #
  • How Teenagers Consume Media – – a 15-year-old's report that apparently surprised the City. #
  • On the track of ignorance – – Prof Jenny Stewart looks at the ignorance economy and the drive to credentialise all we do #
  • Nothing throws a dinner party like a sexual appetite – – Just marvellous. Read, recognise yourself, laugh, or cringe. #
  • In the West Wing: Grueling Schedules, Bleary Eyes – – you think you're working hard? #
  • Live Blogging the Sotomayor Hearings – – New York Times – on now. #
  • RT @rollcall: Sessions attacks Sotomayor's statements in the past on role of courts & ethnicity, calls them "shocking and offensive to me." #
  • Palin's Long March to a Short-Notice Resignation – – informative report from NYT. #
  • Sotomayor hearing has been disrupted by a protester yelling as Sen Dianne Feinstein was speaking in favour of the nominee. #

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