My Latest Twitter Updates

  • Back from meeting with diamond man @DrJohann #
  • Recording Torchwood Day 4 for bedtime viewing…wonder what The Children are up to tonight… #
  • Brother of @DrJohann showed me his latest model iPhone tonight… the temptation is mounting… but should I stay with Vodafone? #
  • Dazzled by the sideshows – – Danielle Cronin (CT) doesn't think stunts do much for politics. She works in the media… #
  • Generation Y 'relies on nanny state' – – or so says Sen. Eric Abetz who bypassed youth even when he was one… #
  • Chief Justice lays down law to MPs – – words, definitions, laws and judges. Who says language doesn't matter? #
  • PM seeks political gain from higher power – – Michelle Grattan on Cardinal Rudd's lobbying of another important polly. #
  • Good advice for all manner of Twitter users…RT @drmani: "Lessons, Insights & Suggestions from 27 MONTHS of Twitter!" – #
  • Ku Klux Klan says it has infiltrated far-right, anti-immigration Australia First – how many of these loonies are there? #
  • Junk the jihad, it's jargon we need – – Richard Ackland looks at the roll-out of the "Lexicon on Terrorism". #
  • Future Marketing Trends – By The Numbers – some very interesting numbers, especially about Twitter, from Adam Singer. #
  • RT @a_web_designer: Check this video out — President Cory Aquino's historic speech before the U.S. Congress (1 of 3) #
  • RT @jayrosen_nyu: Noonan to GOP: "Just because you hate liberals too doesn't mean Palin wasn't sent to destroy you." #
  • That was an alternative headline by @jayrosen_nyu #
  • The Place of Women on the Court – interview with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg by @emilybazelon [via @PeterBlackQUT] #
  • Queen and British Royal family on Twitter – RT @igeldard #
  • RT @markknoller: In all, Obama spent 44 minutes with the Pontiff and has now departed the Vatican, back to the airport and flight to Ghana. #

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