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  • Methinks @Chris_pinkapple is a tad sozzled… #
  • Whereas all @angesbiz and I drank this afternoon was coffee… #
  • Now I need to do my marking for @kirsty_wilson before she makes me pay for a VA… #
  • RT @geehall1: okay, how many people needed kleenex watching MJ's service? #
  • You would have needed a bloody great hanky to mop up my crocodile tears @geehall1 #
  • RT @juliareid21: Anyone interested in the future of local news have a look at the one man site: #
  • RT @lyndons: Pew research says about 80% of us Twitter-users are over 25, and two-thirds of us have college degrees. #
  • @lyndons A bunch of ageing academic wankers? in reply to lyndons #
  • Anyone know how to change a password for an add-on domain in HostGator shared hosting Control Panel? Doesn't seem to be allowed… #
  • RT @AndrewBartlett: The Aust finally published ..a letter – have to stop complaining about them never printing my stuff #
  • @ItsSeanRoach But what city are you in today?? in reply to ItsSeanRoach #
  • Just installed latest version of TweetDeck – some excellent new features, especially multiple accounts. But how do I get rid of the bg pic? #
  • Thank you – worked perfectly… RT @iAlbert: @mfarnsworth Reinstall TweetDeck directly from the site to get rid of the background. #
  • Upgrade to TweetDeck v0.26.4 now – it is significantly improved. This is now the ultimate tool for operating multiple accounts. #
  • @MolsonTonia RT @iAlbert: Reinstall TweetDeck directly from the site to get rid of the background. #
  • Unhinged or acute observation? RT @jayrosen_nyu: These "sorry to disappoint you .. people are starting to sound unhinged. #
  • I had forgotten the Clinton quote about Gennifer Flowers… RT @TIME: A little quiz on big political sex scandals | #
  • @jayrosen_nyu I think the discussion on Twitter has been extraordinarily naive. "Social media" talk often confuses form and function. #

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