Twitter Updates

  • I presume nothing big happened on Twitter today during my absence? #
  • Maybe… RT @cate3221: Andrew Sullivan sums up Michael Jackson better than anything I've read today by a mile – #
  • Influence the real ute issue – – Danielle Cronin with one of the two best summations of the week in Aust. politics. #
  • Mind game delivers a win for PM – – Michelle Grattan is the other wise voice on OzCar. #
  • How America Is Constantly At War – – Jake Lynch on the underlying momentum in the US economy. #
  • Michael Jackson died so that Turnbull might live – – Christian Kerr nails down some electoral realities. #
  • Take a lesson from Thomas More – – Dennis Shanahan completes a week of bracing analysis of Mr. Turnbull. #
  • Facebook: Opposition Research Dream Come True – – now your opponents do your work for you! #