Twitter Updates

  • What Will We Tell The Next Generation? – – Martin Flanagan reminds himself that climate change is not a media game. #
  • Changing shopping habits amid the economic slump – – audio of Paul Solman & Paco Underhill (Online NewsHour) #
  • Yaro Starak’s Membership Site Masterplan report is no available – – I’ve done his programs & highly recommend. #
  • @JohannaBD I hope you’re not going to cravenly surrender clear English to a tinpot local council…? in reply to JohannaBD #
  • Just watched Alain de Botton discussing his book on ‘The Pleasures and Sorrow of Work’ – #
  • @transcribe It’s actually $4700pa not $47k – it’s an electorate allowance, not salary – Rudd froze salary increase last year. in reply to transcribe #
  • RT @GreensMPs: New Matilda #nocleanfeed forum tonight in Melbourne with Scott Ludlam, Michael Flood and @coljac #